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Nwp Intranet 

NWP Intranet, a complete and useful intranet application for a wide cainds of companies.
Nwp intranet is built on C# Mvc with Razor as viewengine. It built with a modern technology like automated database. Uses ActiveRecord(NHibernate) to create database. Widgetbased, where it's easy to deploy new widgets. Choose your own favorite database(MySql, SQL Server, SqlCE). It's built to let companies that has reseller that has it's own website, edit their content, create news and so on.

This project has the following project
- Main website for intranet users
- Backend administration
- SSO WCF login, a separate project is controlling all users via requests
- A public website connected to same project with separate backend.

Backend administration
- Domain managent
- Pages (drag drop and add widgets between zones)
- Template engine
- Trashbin
- Statistics
- User management
- Widget management

- Timeline
- Newsletter
- News
- Content
- Search
- Campaigns
- Filemanager
- Wall (Facebook like) Post and comments
- Webshop (simple ordering system)
- Users
- Links
- Image sliders
- Contacts
- Notes

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